Terms of Use

"DAIWA ROYAL HOTEL Internet reservation system" Terms of Use

Daiwa resort company (it is said as follows with "us") establishes the following Terms of Use (it is said with "these terms" as follows) to use "DAIWA ROYAL HOTEL Internet reservation system" which we run to customer (it is said with "our system" as follows) appropriately and smoothly. In the use of our system, we hope that we have you observe these terms.

Article using our system.

Article 1

Customer who can observe these terms and our accomodation clause shall be best as for being able to use our system.

2.Customer lets you handle that it was agreed to these terms and our accomodation clause with the application when applied for reservation about product, service that our hotels provide by our system.

3.It is annoying to third party, and we are disadvantageous, and user performing act (prohibition act) that we judge if we such as acts that might affect act such as giving harm, our service are inappropriate shall be able to decline the use of this system and our each hotel.

Application for reservation

Article 2

When it is applied for reservation, customer, please input matter necessary for reservation application form of product, service you like exactly without exception.

Effect of application for input defect

Article 3

When there are defects in input of necessary matter of preceding article, the reservation application becomes invalid.

Establishment time of reservation

Article 4

When we which run our hotels sent notice of consent, reservation that our system depends on shall be established for application of customer fixing for Article 2.

Cancellation, change of reservation

Article 5

When registration contents are changed, you change using our system immediately, and please register.

2.When we cannot use our system by unavoidable circumstances, member, please contact hotel directly. In addition, notice of change cancellation is not sent when it is contacted hotel directly.

Prohibition act

Article 6

User shall not have to perform act to advocate next or act with the fear in the use of this system.
1.Act to use this system with unjust purpose
2.Act to be tied to crime
3.Copyright of us or third party. Act to violate intellectual property rights, rights of likeness such as trademarks or property or act that we might violate
4.Act to input false or unjust information in reservation
5.Act to use this system for the purpose of profit, resale regardless of reason including acting paid arrangement
6.Act to pretend to be third party, and to use this system
7.The transmission such as harmful computer programs or act that we write
8.Act to violate laws and ordinances, these terms or public order and morals
9.Act to interfere with administration of this system
10.Act to judge that other we are inappropriate

When we damage us and this system by user violating these terms, we shall be able to request all damage that we took from user.

Payment of rate

Article 7

Please pay the hotel charges in cash or credit card at the time of check-out at use hotel.

Remarking reputation of cancelation cost

Article 8

When cancellation, change of reservation is accomplished on account of the customer, we accept our cancelation cost (cancellation fee) to determine. As cancelation cost sets every accommodation plan that you made a reservation of, please confirm item of cancellation charges of applicable plan in detail.

The handling of member information, reservation information

Article 9

We use sign-in information and reservation information (history) jointly in DAIWA ROYAL HOTEL to send comfortable service to customer. Because we provide service that is better for customer, we use, and information that had you register may not be used for other purpose except case of following Clause 2.

2.When there was information disclosure request about the use situation from representative (including the person in charge entrusted with the authority) of corporation which made contract about the use by corporation contract using our system, we should agree to disclosing sign-in information that was used as the corporation concerned and reservation contents (history).

Change of our system

Article 10

As we may perform change of our system when we judge us to be necessary without telling for customer beforehand, we would appreciate your confirming these terms each use.

Interruption of the temporary use

Article 11

In the case of any of the following, we would appreciate your noting that they may stop the use of our system without telling for customer beforehand.

1 : When, about our system, we construct maintenance and others
2 : When natural calamity in heaven and earth or other emergency occurred or it might occur
3 : When other we judge interruption of the use to be necessary

Responsibility of our hotels and disclaimers

Article 12

1 : On carrying out accommodation contract and contract in conjunction with this or when our hotels damaged hotel guest by those failure, they repair the damage. But it is not this limit when it is not thing by reason that should come to torture of our hotel.
2 : When we cannot provide guest room which we contracted to hotel guest, our hotels get the consent of hotel guest and shall recommend other accommodations by condition same as possible.
3 : When our hotels cannot recommend to other accommodations regardless of the rule mentioned above, they pay compensation charges of the amount of cancelation cost equivalency to hotel guest, and they allot compensation charges to the amount of compensation for damages. But, about not being able to provide guest room, we do not pay compensation charges when there is not reason that should come to torture of our hotels.


Article 13

About Terms of Use accompanied with other use, we follow hotel attached accomodation clause.

Country which can file a suit and court

Article 14

When fight occurs about our system, customer and we shall be able to file a suit for Osaka District Court of Japan.

October 1, 2015 revision

October 1, 2012 revision
April 1, 2000 establishment
Daiwa resort company

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