All all health and happiness seats of table order buffet autumn

≪Dinner >> Chinese food Mari table order buffet [all autumn all health and happiness seats]

Popular table order buffet!

90 minutes all-you-can-eat! 37 kinds of 40 items

Table order buffet "all autumn all health and happiness seats" 

Period of use : From September 1, 2017 to November 30, 2017
Use time : From 17:30 to 21:00 (last entering a shop 20:00)
20:30 last order
※We accept than two people.

Photograph is image in the bloom of two people.

≪ All autumn all health and happiness seats ≫ 

Adult 4,600 yen
65 years old or older 4,100 yen (please bring thing which can confirm of age)
Primary schoolchild 1,500 yen

<the Start Menu>

①Today's appetizer assortment
②Shark fin soup with crabmeat
③Peking duck with crepe

*We prepare before order.
 Although having the Start Menu
 Please choose relaxedly.

90 minutes all-you-can-eat ★All menus : 1.Peking duck with crepe  
2.Deep-fried chicken yu* sauce 
3.Sauteed chicken and walnut  
4.Chicken sauteed with black beans
5.Chicken and walnut sauteed with morning sky red pepper
6.Beef and green pepper sauteed with chopped
7.Fried oyster sauce of beef
8.Barbecue sauce makeup of beef
9.Sauteed pork and zha cai
10.Pork and walnut sauteed with morning sky red pepper
11.Vinegar sweetened with mirin and sugar sauce Ankake of pork
12.Prawns simmered with chili sauce
13.Salted sauteed prawns
14.Vinegar sweetened with mirin and sugar sauce Ankake of prawns
15.Prawns with mayonnaise
16.Salted sauteed squid
17.Squid and walnut sauteed with morning sky red pepper
18.Deep-fried saury yu* sauce
19.Sauteed vegetables and dried prawns
20.Mapo tofu
21.Shark fin soup with king crab
22.Soup of the day
23.Chopped tanmen of green onion and barbecued pork  
25.Five Ankake Yakisoba  
26.Ankake Yakisoba with prawns
27.Salmon and fried rice with edamame
28.Vegetables with dressing of zha cai and green onion 
29.Shrimp cracker  
30.Five spring roll  
32.Prawns gyoza 
33.Steamed meat bun  
34.Coconut dumpling  
35.Sesame dumpling 
36.Almond jelly  
37.Tapioca coconut milk  
38.Bracken rice cake (Matcha) 
39.Orange sherbet
40.Citron sherbet
Consumption tax, service charge is included in notation rate.
Food type may be changed by circumstances. Container, direction are images.
It is inquiry reservation : Chinese food Mari
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Check-out : 11:00
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