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December 7, 2016 revision

About the handling of personal information to take

In Daiwa resort company (called us as follows), I take personal information from many various places (called customer as follows) including customer, but explain the handling as follows.

1.About our personal information protection basic policy

Personal information protection basic policy

(basic rule)
We recognize importance of personal information protection and it is basic of our operation we use these personal information appropriately, and to protect and thinks that it is our social responsibility and carries out activity still, if I am not mistaken, to get trust.


1.Clarification of use purpose

When we have you offer personal information, we make the use purpose clear and use only within the purpose.

2.Limit of offer to third party

We do not provide to third party who had you approve unless to fulfil responsibility of contract and there are other sufficient reasons about personal information that had you provide.

3.Severe and appropriate management

We carry out security measures to prevent danger such as unfair access from the outside to personal information, loss, destruction, manipulation, leak of personal information and act to manage personal information safely and appropriately.

2.About personal information to take

We may ask about address, full name, zip code, phone number, FAX number, e-mail address that is necessary for communication with customer through opportunities such as questionary survey in catalogue request, questionary survey by Internet flyer distribution, mail, business talk with sales representative, the conclusion of contract.
In addition, we may collect personal information such as rightful claimant name of real estate, representative name of corporation, phone number, address, full name from medium that real estate register, commercial register, telephone book are opened to the public.
I enroll in database and do personal information that customer gave to in this way and take.

3.About use purpose of personal information

We observe the Personal Information Protection Law and use personal information of customer for offers of information thought to be advantage to development of hotel, guidance, suggestion about each business such as article mail orders, the conclusion, observance of a contract of contract, conduct of after-sale service, communication, communication to customer and new product, service and customer.
In addition, at the time of correspondence over telephone with customer, we may record call contents for correct grasp, confirmation of reservation, order, opinion and others inquiry contents, future service improvement.

4.About the joint use of personal information

We use personal information of customer jointly with Sports Club NAS, Daiwa royal golf.

5.About third party offer of personal information

We do not contribute this to third party when the outside entrusts supplier with the handling of personal information or unless we correspond to any of the following in the range necessary for the achievement of use purpose.

  • When customer gives agreement to beforehand
  • When we offer statistical data in state that cannot distinguish authorized individual
  • When, based on laws and ordinances, offer is demanded
  • When it is necessary for protection of human life, body or property, and it is difficult for to with consent of customer
  • When it is necessary for promotion of sanitary improvement or healthy upbringing of child in particular, and it is difficult for to with consent of customer
  • When when country or local public entity carries out office work that laws and ordinances determine, it is necessary to cooperate and might affect accomplishment of the office work concerned by obtaining customer's consent

6.About disclosure of personal information

When disclosure of your personal information is hoped for, customer replies us in in rational period or the range whether person whom he/she reported to is the person or the agent.

7.About corrections of personal information

When correction, addition of your personal information or deletion is hoped for, in in rational period or the range, we add correction of personal information or customer deletes us when individual contents are different from fact whether person whom he/she reported to is the person or the agent.

8.About suspension of personal information

When there was limit violation by use purpose or the acquisition by fraud in us when suspension of your personal information or removal is hoped for whether person that we reported is the person or the agent, or customer removes suspension of personal information in in rational period or the range.
But it is not this limit when suspension is difficult and takes substituted measures. In addition, about personal information holding based on laws and ordinances, it may not be accepted proposal.

9.About reception desk procedures such as disclosure

About proposal about 6.7.8. mentioned above and inquiry about personal information, we accept by the next procedure.

Reception desk procedure

Come over to the following window, or please report with mail, telephone, FAX, homepage inquiry form. In addition, time in is from 9:00 a.m. on weekdays to 6:00 p.m.

Reception desk window of member of Daiwa royal members club

Zipcode:The 541-0051 1-5-2, Bingomachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi Daiwa royal members club secretariat

Phone number : 06-6229-7200
FAX number : 06-6229-7202

Homepage inquiry foam is this

Reception desk window of aging resort tourism (ART) member

Zipcode:The 541-0051 1-5-2, Bingomachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi aging resort tourism secretariat

Phone number : 06-6229-7234
FAX number : 06-6229-7202

Homepage inquiry foam is this

Reception desk window except the above

Zipcode:541-0051 1-5-2, Bingomachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi Daiwa resort management supporting group

Phone number : 06-6229-7215
FAX number : 06-6229-7202

Homepage inquiry foam is this

Personal information administrator : Takahisa Hiromura
Confirmation of the person or agent

In the case of proposal from the person, we confirm that it is the person by callbacks to proof documents such as driver's license, passport, health insurance card, we registration information such as address, full name, phone number, the date of birth, bank account number, credit card number, password and we registration phone number.
In the case of proposal from agent, we confirm that it is agent by proxy and seal certificate in addition to the above.


When written answer is hoped for for proposal of disclosure of personal information, as fee, we charge 1,000 yen per one.

10.About the use of cookies

What are cookies?

When cookies used web page, they are structure saving usage history or input content that we transmitted and received between browser and server as file to computer of customer. Using information of cookies, operator of page can change indication to every customer when we access the same page on the next time. When customer admits transmission and reception of cookies by setting of browser, website can acquire cookies from browser of user. In addition, browser of customer transmits only cookies which server of the website transmitted and received for privacy protection.

About setting of cookies

・Customer "admits all cookies" by setting about transmission and reception of cookies can choose "we refuse all cookies" among "we notify user if we receive cookies". Setting method varies according to browsers. Please confirm setting method about cookies by "help" of browser of Errand menu.
・When setting to refuse all cookies is done, service that the certification needs is not received, and please be careful as you may have limitation in the use of various services in the Internet.

Our using cookies

For the following purposes, we use cookies.
・So that when it is logged in to certification service, customer offers service customized by every customer with reference to registration information of stored customer
・Based on contents which customer is interested in and the use situation on our site, to display the most appropriate advertisement in other companies site
・To investigate number of users and traffic of our site
・To improve our service
・For security maintenance, to promote (the re-certification) to reinput of password for customer that a given period of time passed from the use

In addition, via other companies site, we store our cookies and, based on trust to other companies site delivering our advertisement, may refer.

The above

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