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Daiwa royal members club

Daiwa royal members club

  • We introduce member's card, members guest ticket.

  • We introduce common question of Daiwa royal members club.


Please inquire for Daiwa royal members club than this.

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With Daiwa royal members club

In Daiwa Royal Hotel of 27 places of whole country, we suggest resort life full of individuality.
Commencing with various accommodation plans for member, we offer seasonal dishes, hot spring.
On the stage of Japanese beautiful nature, we provide impression and time of peace.

Member's card

We issue one piece to one of individual member who member's card signs its name on the secretariat, and was registered (signature member).
Member having member's card, please log in from "homepage for exclusive use of signature member".

Member's card is available only for the person of signature member.
In the case of check-in, please show by all means at the front desk.
Member's card [2016 issuance]

Members guest ticket

When person except member signature member uses hotel, members guest ticket is ticket having you submit.
Person having ticket, please log in to "person having members guest ticket than from this".

One piece is necessary for members guest ticket in one night.
In the case of check-in, please submit the number of need to the front by all means.
Member signature member and customer staying in the same room of ticket offering is unnecessary. About rate, in the case of the members guest ticket use, it is the same rate.
Cut ticket on expiration date is not available.
<2018 members guest ticket>
Validity: From April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019 stay


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On accommodation in accommodation plan displayed on page former than this
"Members guest ticket" (one piece per one night) is necessary.
Please note that you charge general rate when you do not have you bring ticket when you stay.
※As Daiwa royal members club becomes different member system with WEB member, please be careful.

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Contract corporation

New reservation, change, cancellation of user having contract of exclusive reservation system from net in corporate member from this.

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