An unleashing encounter that lets you escape from the bustle of everyday life.

How could we call it a resort if time flows just the way it does in our everyday lives?
We aim to offer an unordinary world that inspires all the five senses.
"Concept: "Hotel & Resorts."
We consider that as the best service –Omotenashi.
We escort you to another world, to a place where it feels much further away
than it looks on the map, and where time goes by much slower than the speed of a clock hand.

We create services that reflect the beauty of our surrounding environment.
Our entrance, lobby, and lounge welcomes you with excitement.
We will take you to another world through seasonal entertainment and experiences.
Our experienced staff will warmheartedly guide you through our world.

List of Hotel & Resorts

HOTEL & RESORTS minamiboso
Hotel & Resorts ISE-SHIMA
HOTEL & RESORTS kyotomiyazu
HOTEL & RESORTS nagahama
HOTEL & RESORTS wakayamaminabe
HOTEL & RESORTS wakayamakushimoto
HOTEL & RESORTS minamiawaji
HOTEL & RESORTS sagakaratsu
HOTEL & RESORTS beppuwan