About guest room

Q About meal in guest room
A In this hotel, we do not give dishes in guest room.
We have you have meal in (French cuisine) in the first floor of the all of you restaurant Japanese food castle bottom, Chinese food sea Otori, the second-floor dining room four seasons.
Q About use of Internet in guest room
A Please confirm Internet connection environment at our hotel than the following link.
Information for Wi-Fi free access service
Q About yukata for guest room
A Yukata sets up for number of people in room. There are size for adult, size for child, but please order to the front desk if on the day there is inconvenience to size.
Q We want to stay at one room for 5 people
A It becomes just, but, in the Japanese-style room, capacity four people are all right to five people as they are approximately 10 tatami. In the case of reservation, you register in room for 4 people, and "it is five people by adult one addition, and please fill out the remarks column with use of one". We change here.
Q As child is small, we attach bed in character room and want to be absent
A As bed of character room becomes Hollywood type (two bed ootsuketa types), it is available in peace.
Q Information for guest room refrigerator
A You were able to use refrigerator with guest room refrigerator as state of the sky freely as "customer space".
The fifth floor, the sixth floor, the eighth floor, the ninth floor, the twelfth floor, the thirteenth floor, the first floor under the ground can purchase drink at vending machine of setting.
In addition, we cannot use sale machine of guest room floor for prevention of noise until from 24:00 to 7:00.
Excuse me, but, in the time mentioned above, please demand on the first floor under the ground.

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About facility

Q About banquet room
A There is available "large banquet room" to "small sum banquet room" for small group where is higher than eight people and up to 210 people.
Please consult about the situation of the sky beforehand.
Q About pool
A Place where, by the way, 1.1m is shallow that is deep in product for children in outdoor pool is 0.35m.
It is only the summer for period of use and is available in pay.
Guest 500 yen for adults primary schoolchild 250 yen infant for free.
One-day customer adult 1,000 yen primary schoolchild 500 yen infant for free.
Carry-on of float is possible.
Q About mahjong room
A There is not mahjong room at our hotel.
Q About coin laundry
A Coin laundry (three) is on the first floor under the ground.
Rate is washing 200 yen drying 100 yen (40 minutes) detergent 100 yen.
It is available freely for 24 hours.
Q Wheelchair to customer of the use
A It becomes barrier-free and installs handrail in large communal bath in all facilities to use even wheelchair.
It is only one room, but offers room (two capacity) supporting toward the wheelchair every day.
If the concrete date is fixed, please consult.
In addition, we prepare for rental of wheelchair.

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About restaurant, dishes

Q Does restaurant need reservations?
A There is each restaurant of Japanese food, French cuisine, Chinese food, steakhouse in hall.
We show around time for reservation of dinner with two part system of 17:45 or 19:45.
When there is not reservation, in time you like may not use, and approve beforehand.
Q About Sekiaji, Sekisaba, castle lower flatfish made specially in Oita
A We can eat in Japanese food "castle bottom" in hall on the first floor.
Live structure becomes the current price on the day, but receives with the price of 8,000 yen - 10,000 yen per one. It is 2-3 portions per one.
Prior reservation is necessary especially as it is order.
Q About meal of child
A Kids' lunch catches 3,564 yen, baby lunch for 1,782 yen. We offer kitty lunch for infant.
Q About breakfast time
A Breakfast time is from 7:00 to 9:30. We offer with buffet of Japanese food, western dishes dishes, Chinese food.
Q About food allergy
A When we arrive by correspondence of person having food allergy, please see this.

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About bridal (attendance edition)

Q Is accommodation of attendance possible?
Of attendance to our hotel staying is possible. We guide by special discount plan of wedding. Please make a reservation through bridegroom bride.
Q Can you ask for dressing and hair set of attendance?
As it needs reservations, please make a reservation through bridal couple by two weeks.
We accept in hotel partner clothes shop.
Hair set one state 3,240- yen (we change by the length of set contents and the hair)
Formal kimono with a decorated skirt dressing one state 6,480- yen
Long-sleeved kimono dressing one state 8,640- yen
We offer clothes rental.
One formal kimono with a decorated skirt rental    17,280- yen
Morning rental one 12,960- yen
One long-sleeved kimono rental    32,400- yen
Sandals, bag set rental one set 3,240 yen Japanese yen ... 
Q Are there locker rooms which are available to attendances?
We offer. On the day please order at the front desk. We guide.
Q Can you send kimonos beforehand?
Possible. Please fill out on this occasion to understand both family name and name of customer that are attended.
(opening of baggage, please note that you go)
Q We do entertainment in banquet, are there usable machine parts?
We offer one wireless microphone two cable broadcasting microphone (we may not use depending on venue).
We can use sound source of CD, MD in venue.
About jikomi of visual material
①Material is jikomishita sai in state that we can reproduce in general DVD players.
②When you show DVD in plural scenes, sorry for your inconvenience, but you produce DVD by one piece in 1 scene, and please fill in title on board side.
③In the media, I would like making in DVD-R.
④Please note that you do not support Blu-ray Disc now.
⑤I take finished DVD beforehand (from the day of the wedding ceremony by approximately seven days) and check the operation.
⑥Please note that hotel cannot take all responsibility about picture broadcast of jikomi.
If preparations include necessary thing or point to keep in mind, please contact bridal person in charge beforehand.

About bridal (bridegroom, bride edition)

Q Will you send document of wedding?
Request of document can apply even for the Internet. 
Please refer for application over telephone at the following.
 Beppuwan Royal Hotel bridal + 81-977-72-9800 from 9:00 to 20:00
Q We want to observe venue, is reservation necessary?
As it may be during use of venue, I would like reservation after inquiry beforehand.
It is bridal fair now being held every day. Please participate in fair.
We get for the Internet or telephone and have reservation.
Beppuwan Royal Hotel bridal + 81-977-72-9800 from 9:00 to 20:00
Q Wedding with a small number of people can eat?
A We offer plans only for wedding. For more information, look here.
Q Can you hold betrothal presents?
A Possible. Column give detailed plan this.
We offer private room to be able to use for betrothal present type.
If there is hope, we help with progress in the staff.
Q Are the second meetings established in hotel?
A We offer karaoke room (canary), BAR (sunset) lounge (La Mer) which can go the second meeting.
For more details, column give this.
For more details, please refer to the bridal person in charge.

We accept inquiries
from the inquiry form.

About access

Q About pickup and drop-off
A We operate free shuttle bus between Hotel - JR Beppu Station.
Q About access to hotel
A [from airport]
Airplane (Oita Airport) → Getting off before air liner (approximately 30 minutes) Beppuwan Royal Hotel (Koura) → It is five minutes on foot
(by taxi approximately 25 minutes approximately 8,500 yen)
[in the case of car]
To Ogura IC → Hokkaido Univ. road (approximately 30 minutes via Nakatsu, Usa) → Hayami IC → Approximately ten minutes
Dazaifu IC → Kyushu Expressway → Tosu JC → Oita Expressway (approximately one hour 20 minutes) → Hiji JC → Hayami IC → Approximately ten minutes
[in the case of train]
JR Beppu Station → Approximately 20 minutes by car (approximately 2,000 yen)
JR Beppu Station → JR Nippo Main Line → JR Kamegawa Station → By taxi approximately five minutes (approximately 1,000 yen)

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About sightseeing

Q About neighboring tourist attractions
A There is "harmony land" in place of around 15 minutes by car from hotel. It is around 25 minutes until "visiting hell" to approximately ten minutes, "Oita Marine Palace aquarium sea egg" "Mount Takasaki nature animal park".
Q About neighboring golf courses
A There is "Beppu Golf Club" in place of around ten minutes by car. We heard start arrangement to staying planned customer from hotel. "Tsurumi course" is the 18 holes with caddie. "Yufu course" is the 18 holes for exclusive use of self-cart.

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Q About offer of pharmaceutical products
A By fate of Pharmaceutical Affairs Law Article 24, we cannot offer pharmaceutical products to customer at our hotel.
To really I'm sorry to trouble customer, but to have prepare before trip about pharmaceutical products beforehand, or to have buy at hospital or drugstore, of understand; thank you for your cooperation.
Q We cannot make a reservation from homepage
A Error is given to our server, and line is crowded, and it is thought, and please fill out, and besides the person in charge reserves matter in this case following than "inquiry" form in place of customer, and various influence such as security environment of PC of customer tell about item as follows on this occasion.
(1)Accommodation plan you like
(3)The number of people
(4)Room type you like
(5)The name and furigana of representative
(6)Zip code
(8)Phone number
Q Reservation reconfirmation email from homepage does not arrive
A It is thought whether reservation is not completed input error of e-mail address; from "inquiry" form.
(1)Staying schedule
(2)The name of representative
(3)Phone number of contact information
Please refer for this after specification.
I will inform later.
Q About accommodation date change from homepage
A After having made a reservation newly again, please do cancellation (cancellation).
Q About waiting for a cancellation
A As waiting for a cancellation can be popular, than "inquiry" form
(1)Accommodation plan you like
(3)The number of people
(4)Room type you like
(5)The name and furigana of representative
(6)Zip code
(8)Phone number (caretaker function telephone with or cell-phone number)
If please let know this, and cancellation occurs, we guide.

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Beppuwan Royal Hotel
Beppuwan Royal Hotel

1825, Hiramichi irie, Hiji-machi, Hayami-gun, Oita

TEL : + 81-977-72-9800

(reception hours from 8:00 to 19:00)

FAX : + 81-977-72-9700

Check-in : 15:00
Check-out : 11:00
Parking : 240 spaces

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