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[Kitsuki-shi event information] Castle town Kitsuki walk tohiinameguri


Castle town Kitsuki walk tohiinameguri which we want to go round in kimono

Castle town Kitsuki walk tohiinameguri

Slope of slope, vinegar shop of Shioya (Shiho-ya)

Kitsuki that expresses young bird by "hiina" and archaic word.
Samurai residence and house in the town are castle towns named ream and meet "hiina" which is full of expressions.

"hiina" is archaic word and has meaning "to be small, and to be easy". Young birds made for young bird and culture Bunsei era Era in the ancient and modern times related to feudal lord still remain in Kitsuki that prospered as castle town of the Matsudairas Kitsuki feudal lord in the Edo era. Gorgeous doll and tools, funny container are castle town dakarakosono products.
Baby of the Matsudairas connection is possessed by "Oita Prefectural Museum of History" (hill of Usa topographical record), homecoming annual during hiinamegurino period. Female doll representing the empress and tools dressed in plump luxurious crown of heaven to think of noble expression in inside cannot watch hiinamegurideshika.
 In addition, including young bird coming to the Sanos who served clan doctor, young bird for Edo period that prestigious families of the old family, Gotos own is existence. As for Kyoho fledgling whom there is many in house in the town again and room young bird having the origin in Shikoku, simple country young bird, various. It is recommended we spend time as hina doll which is riot including handmade doll is prepared, and to rotate.
 Beautiful castle town where samurai residence and house in the town range in Kitsuki. It is wrapped in a feeling of floating of the excellent times when we totally take a walk before history when it rotates slowly.

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We can enjoy restaurant dehahiinameguri-limited menu of the Kitsuki-shi castle town whole area during period.
Period : From Saturday, February 10, 2018 to Sunday, March 11, 2018
Holding place : ・The Kitsuki-shi, Oita castle town whole area
・Mountain incense (mountain) town
From hotel : It is approximately 20 minutes by car
Holding time : It varies according to each facility.
For more details, "guidebook" and "Kitsuki-shi, Oita tourist association formula homepage"
Please confirm time more.
Contact : Kitsuki-shi tourist association
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