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[lunch information] With bamboo steamer steamed lunch of Chinese food "sea Otori" pork and vegetables, we are participating in Oita "horse salt project"!


Oita "horse salt project" participation menu! Bamboo steamer steamed lunch set of pork and vegetables

The cause of teacher instruction of Oita public health center administrative dietitian, healthy menu were completed!
Horse salt menu is menu with salt substantial amount per one meal that took delicious invention less than 3 g.

Period From Friday, December 1, 2017 to Saturday, March 31, 2018
[time] From 11:30 to 14:00 last order 13:45
[place] Chinese food "sea Otori" on the first floor
[rate] 1260 yen per person

■Set menu■
 ・Vegetables with dressing of salad and jellyfish of daikon of dried young sardines and Oita crown regional chicken prosciutto ham
 ・Bamboo steamer steaming (with white sesame sauce with kabosu fruit juice and yo mustard) of pork libs and vegetables
 ・Chinese staple grains rice porridge
 ・Soup of spring rain and vegetables
 ・Shah be tto of kabosu

◆It is ... with "horse salt project"◆

Aiming at reduction of intake of sodium chloride of citizen of the prefecture, we spread "delicious" salt reserve emeno meal = "horse salt recipes" that utilized ingredients which product government college cooperates, and have regional "taste" "well" to home and eating out, lunch to achieve "low salt -3 g" among making of health slogans that Oita sets.
Besides, the prevention of high blood pressure, join together for the prevention of circulatory organ disease by promoting low salt measures and aim at extension of healthy life expectancy.

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Beppuwan Royal Hotel

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