To person having food allergy

Food allergy-response policy
Daiwa resort company

June 1, 2016

1. Purpose

We assume security of customer having top priority and recognize appropriate importance for food allergy and establish "food allergy correspondence policy" to have you have dishes safely.

2. About food allergy

Ⅰ. When we eat food and touch and breathed in, immune system that should protect body calls that symptom that is harmful to body is caused food allergy in response to surplus.
Ⅱ. Allergen which is established by food notation
When raw materials following specific raw materials or specific raw materials are included in food, recommendation of indication duty or indication is established.

※It is indication duty for authorized raw materials seven items ... manufacturer
 To egg, milk, wheat, side, peanut, prawns

※Indication is recommended for 20 items of ... manufacturers following specific raw materials
 Abalone, squid, salmon roe, salmon, mackerel, beef, pork, chicken, orange, apple, banana, kiwi fruit, thigh, soybean, sesame, cashew nuts, walnut, mountain potato, matsutake mushroom, gelatin

3. Our basic way of thinking

Besides we assume that it has top priority basic policy, but please understand security of customer about the next matter beforehand on offering food and drink to customer having food allergy of our hotel.

Ⅰ. When offer of meal for food allergy is demanded, as a general rule, only as offer of "low allergenic menu" except seven items of specific raw materials, we do not perform other correspondence.

Ⅱ. Because we use various ingredients in the same kitchen, in us, we do not use exclusive thing every ingredients with kitchen utensils. Therefore, we cannot prevent that ingredients which we do not use as raw materials get mixed with very small amount surely.
It has you understand our circumstances, and it is necessary to have you understand that ingredients which we do not use as raw materials of dishes to provide get mixed with very small amount beforehand.

4. About food allergy-response menu

Ⅰ. About low allergenic menu
①We offer "low allergenic menu" which removed seven items of specific raw materials with indication duty.
②It is not eliminated about item except seven items of specific raw materials.
③It should be possibility to have customer brings in safe food (retort, freezing) in you and eat and drink at the same seat.
Please order at the time of at the time of reservation and hotel check-in.
(we help with heating such as microwave oven and hot water roasting.)
④About reservation, it should be receptionist until five days ago. In addition, we cannot accept application after four days ago. (carry-on food of ③ is not this limit)

The above

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